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7 Vegan Groceries You Can’t Live Without Leave a comment

Market day is fast approaching with an exciting vegan Melbourne Market coming up in mid-May. So what vegan groceries should you be looking out for at the market if you want to be truly set every food week?

7 things you will need to live like an expert vegan:

  1. Chickpeas and other canned or dried beans/pulses – Not just a can of beans: the foundation for a whole meal right there in your cupboard. Make sure you stock up on chickpeas so you can whip up a delicious vegan curry or stew anytime.
  2. Shelvable soy, almond, cashew or other milk – What is one of the many advantages a vegan has over everybody else? We can keep our milk on the shelf. No having to suffer harsh black coffee in the morning because the milk is off. Nope, there’s always an extra carton waiting for smoothies, chia breakfasts, creamy sauces and other vital things.
  3. Stock Cubes – sure, we know you have big plans turning that big pile of vegetable scraps into stock. But in case that doesn’t happen pop those cubes on your vegan grocery list.
  4. An impressive selection of herbs and spices – the magic of a true connoisseur is the ability to infuse even the blandest ingredient like tofu (yeah we said it) with so much flavour it won’t know what’s hit it. Why not subscribe to Spice Quarter organic spice blends and tick one thing off the list?
  5. A good batch of quinoa and other grains – so that quinoa trend never died, huh? So good for vegans on the hunt for something filling and protein rich to go in salads, porridge, anything…
  6. Nuts and seeds – how else do you think you’re going to get that extra crunch in the gourmet vegan burgers and spicy salad topping you’ve planned for dinner this week?
  7. Oils and vinegars – you will literally use these every day. Having a good stock of ingredients like apple cider vinegar and olive oil means slaws and tasty salads are never far away. Why not keep an eye out for some of those posh chilli-infused olive oils at the vegan market? They’ll impress your guests and add flavour to your food.
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Having a good stock of these seven ingredients means you are well on your way to being a superstar vegan. If you don’t have the time to head to the market though, Peachy has been growing ever more giant for you, friends. An online marketplace that searches for the best in vegan groceries for you? Now that’s the life of a real master vegan.

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