Brands With Stores On Peachy

Peachy brands are ethical brands. Peachy is a marketplace where good brands can come together with a common purpose: to help make it easier for you to buy ethically.  We work directly with brands rather than retailers because brands are able to provide all the certification and details needed to confirm their ethical score.  We are always on the lookout for new peachy brands who want to help their customers shop with purpose.  If you know a brand who might like to become a Peachy brand, send us a note here.


Founded by two Brisbane mer-babes – Juliet and Elisa are the two halves that make up the Julisa whole.  Julisa nail polish is free of the five nastiest chemicals generally present in most commercial nail polish.  Plus, the nail polish is all vegan friendly – no crushed beetles for red…read more

Kkäo Co

Founded by Kara Conroy, Kkao co brand brings the delights of delicious Cacao husk tea to life, ethically sourced from Vietnam and the Dominican Republic. The two blends are perfectly complemented by a glass infusion flask.  If you ever wanted to know what a nutritious, sugar…read more

Luxe Candles

Luxe creates candles that make a statement in the home. Luxe Scented Candles are made with the finest materials, free from chemicals and made with re-usable materials, each scent provides pure luxury in the home. Only the top selling candles which all of our…read more

Mandala Living

Founded by Tara Lamond from Sydney, Mandala Living decor and lifestyle products were inspired by Tara’s travels as part of her former work with National Geographic and a desire to create beautiful, artisan products from sustainable and locally sourced materials…read more

Pure Jali

Pure Jali is a Brisbane based skin, hand and face care range that focuses specifically on sensitive skin types. Using their unique Australian botanical ingredient, Jali (based on a type of Eucalypt and a traditional Aboriginal tribe formula passed down through the generations…read more

Soak Society

Founded by Brisbane born Natalie Thoroughgood, Soak Society is a brand that knows how to taking time out and having a bath cool. No more fake coloured bath bombs and big crystal salts that take forever to dissolve, Soak Society’s bath soaks are made for the…read more

Spice Quarter

Spice Quarter is an Australian spice company that supplies freshly blended, dry spice mixes with matching recipes – and you can pre pay to receive a monthly delivery once, for 3 months, for 6 months or for 12 months. These spices give you just enough for a few dishes – that way…read more

Prospect Project

Founded by Shannon Tindale and based in Perth, The Prospect Project is the result of a major life and attitude shift. With gangsta style, Shannon hand crafts beautiful and unique smelling soy wax candles with hilarious names and delicious tasting granola, all named after…read more

Pure Planet

Pure Planet is helping you do your business without getting into Mother Nature’s. Our 100% Tree-Free & Plastic-Free toilet rolls are made from 100% renewable Bamboo & Sugarcane waste materials which give each 3-ply sheet its silk-like softness, and no-nonsense strength…read more