Ethical Shopping Guide

We created this ethical shopping guide because shopping ethically isn’t easy.  We all lead busy lives and while most of us want to do our best, sometimes trying to figure out whether what we’re buying is actually made and delivered ethically is, well, inconvenient or sometimes impossible!

So this ethical shopping guide is to help you understand things such as the history of ethical shopping concerns, big core sub issues of that ethical concern and examples of each, plus how you personally can best address the issue practically, when you shop.

The ethical shopping guide includes a detailed look at each of these key ethical concern areas which are what we use to rate every brand who lists a store and their products on this marketplace:

Organic & GMO Free

Organic farming, understanding GMO, issues including ingesting harmful ingredients or eating hormones and recognising approved certifications.

Animal Cruelty Free

The rise of animal rights, wearing animals, testing on animals, eating animals, live export of animals and certifications to look out for.

Enviro Sustainable

Global warming and climate change, deforestation, resource use, waste, plastic pollution in oceans and how to shop eco friendly.

Human Cruelty Free

Abuse over oil, gas, mining and other natural resources, military weapons investment, conflict resources and how to support human rights when you shop.

Labour Standards

Covering issues including child and forced labour, low, late and unpaid wages, hazardous working conditions and cruelty or sexual violence.

Community Invest

The rise of company tax avoidance particularly by multi-nationals, the lack of investment into local communities, B corp certifications and more.


The triple bottom line (people, planet and profit), internal verses external reporting, green washing issues, hidden political party contributions or lobbying.


Boycotting products, services and entire companies, successful boycott examples, researching outstanding and unresolved ethical concerns.