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Make An Impact Buying Ethical Products

If you’re here, we know you care about buying ethical products. We ran a survey of 1,500 Australians and 65% said they were very likely or extremely likely to buy products from an online store that contained only ethical products.  Good on you for being part of the 65%!


The Problem…Until Now!

Until now, the problem has been that finding ethical products is HARD. Often you have to visit lots of different stores, the stuff you want isn’t stocked in a convenient shopping centre and it’s also really difficult to find information about the ethical behaviour of the brands you’re buying from.

Peachify How You Shop

Peachy makes finding, comparing and buying products online that are made ethically, super easy.  Here’s how:

Ethical Ratings For Every Brand

We speak directly with every single brand owner, get copies of any certifications and have them walk us through their sourcing and production process.  Every brand on this site has also signed an ethical charter, making a personal commitment to ethics.

Find Products By Ethical Concern

In the Peachy shop, you can use our search to filter by ethical concerns you might have like organic, ability to recycle, fair trade, vegan, australian owned, made locally, gives back (that is, the brand gives a percentage of each product sale to a cause).

Free Shipping Everywhere

The price you see on the page is the final price – all shipping, no matter where you live anywhere in Australia, is included. Plus, most of the brands on Peachy use a completely carbon neutral delivery service called Sendle to get the product to you.  Pretty cool huh!

How we rate brand ethics

If we’re going to ask brands to be transparent about their ethics, Peachy also needs to transparent about how it rates their ethics.  So, here’s how it works:

1. Each brand who wants a store on Peachy fills out this ethical charter

2. In the charter we ask for information about their ethics across 8 important areas.  You can learn more about each of these 8 areas from our Ethical Shopping Guide

3. Once the brand has completed this information we score the answers on a scale of 0 to 100 for 8 areas, giving a total potential score of 800.  You can take a look at our scoring scale here.  We then divide the total score a brand receives by 800 and this gives us their % score out of 100.  This is the score that you see at the top of the page (e.g. 93/100 means the brand scored 740 out of a total of 800 points).

4. To have a store on Peachy, a brand must score 70% or more out of 100.  In some cases, a particular response may make a brand ineligible to set up a store on Peachy.

5. The brand also sends us copies of any certifications.  So for instance, when you see “Fair Trade” or “Cruelty Free”, that’s because we have received and sighted a copy of that certification from the brand.

6. We also need to be mindful that we don’t discount brands who don’t have certifications particularly if they are small but growing brands.  In those cases, we ask for more detailed supporting information to confirm, and we ask them to pledge that all the information they have told us is correct.

7. When you’re looking at the product page, click on the “Ethics” tab to see the breakdown of a brand’s score across each ethical area.

Beautiful, easy ethical shopping

Shopping isn’t meant to be boring and dull, and just because you’re shopping online, doesn’t mean you need any less information about a product to make a to buy it. In fact often you need more because you’re not able to see, touch or smell the product before you buy it. Just because something is ethical, doesn’t mean it can’t look absolutely beautiful.

Because you are buying directly from the brand, you know you’re hearing the information straight from the source. We work personally with every brand to help them express what is unique and special about their products.

Plus, we take authentic images of their products from instagram to help you really get a sense of what it’s like to use their product, even if you’ve never tried it before!