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The sirens of the sea like to look pretty just like the rest of us, with or without their vegan nail polish! But the seemingly dazzling aqua, urchin and other gems of nail polish popular among sea folk may not be as glamorous as they look.

We’ve all smelt it. That chemical stench that invades the room when we paint our nails. The toxic bouquet we’re talking about comes from a selection of hazardous chemicals used in most nail polish. The nasties in your vegan polish include:


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Nasty 5 Chemicals In Vegan Nail Polish And Commercial Nail Polish


  • Toulene – a chemical from crude oil used as a solvent in polish. It has been found to cause concentration problems, fatigue and dizziness among salon workers and can even lead to hearing and colour vision loss over longer periods.
  • Formaldehyde – Just think, a chemical Damien Hirst used to preserve dead bodies is probably not something you want to be spending any time with. The chemical is a known carcinogen and can be absorbed through the skin or vapours in the air.
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) – DBP is a known endocrine disruptor (messing with your body’s hormonal system) and tied to organ problems too. It is so harmful, it’s banned in Europe.
  • Formaldehyde resin – though much safer than formaldehyde, the resin is also a known allergen connected with Dermatitis.
  • Camphor – while traditionally from the wood bark of trees, camphor is often produced synthetically for nail polish. Exposure to large quantities of camphor can cause eye irritation and muscle contractions.

But I’m not actually consuming the nail polish, do I need to worry? As you can see from above, absorbing these chemicals through the air or skin is not good. Beyond this, those nasty endocrine disruptors in your polish have actually been found in women’s bodies, especially when product was applied directly to nails.

A Friendly Alternative – Julisa Vegan Nail Polish

So how do you get rid of these chemicals? No. You don’t have to stop painting your nails and letting your inner Ariel shine. Julisa has a collection of beautiful vegan polishes that are animal cruelty-free and skip the toxic five chemicals. So choose from a decadent:

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