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Cacao Tea – Dominican Origin

Sold By: Kkao Co

The loose leaf tea made from the husk of cacao beans is a perfect alternative to chocolate or coffee and it is jam-packed with health benefits too. It is also:

  • A delicious vegan alternative to hot chocolate
  • A brilliant way to enjoy the feel-good, superfood benefits of antioxidant-rich cacao
  • A smart, eco-friendly way to use the nutritious husks from chocolate production
  • Single origin cacao from Dominican Republic
  • Completely natural, free from additives, sweeteners and artificial flavourings
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The Chocolate Fix That’s Actually Good For You

What if you could satisfy your chocolate cravings without the guilt? Well, guess what: cacao tea offers a fat, gluten and sugar free chocolate fix bursting with cocoa flavour. The yummy tea is so good, you won’t even need to add milk or sugar. It does go great with a sprinkle of coconut sugar if you’re looking for a bit of a treat.

kkäo Co. tea is also a good option if you’re looking to kick that caffeine habit. Sometimes herbal teas just don’t cut it when you’re used to a morning latte. But with its sweet, nutty flavor and natural mood boosting properties, cacao tea will get you off to a great start without any of the nasty high-low surprises of caffeine.

This Antioxidant-Rich Superfood Tea will Ignite Your Bliss

Did you know cacao is one of the world’s greatest superfoods? Raw, organic cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries. The cacao husk isn’t just a fancy coat for beans either: it contains a lot of the same goodness as the beans themselves (good job it didn’t go to waste!). The impressive health benefits include:

  • Amazing antioxidants to help protect the body against free radical damage.
  • A chocolate high – it boosts your serotonin and actually contains the feel good ‘bliss’ chemical, anandamide, which is released when we are feeling happy.
  • Balancing magnesium – most women are familiar with those chocolate cravings at that time of the month, that’s because the body needs magnesium. Replenishing magnesium is really important to maintain your mood and it has wonderful effects on heart, muscle and nerve function.
  • They don’t call it a superfood for nothing; cacao also contains a range of vitamins and minerals including potassium, copper, iron and Vitamin C and E.

How To Enjoy

Open your pouch of tea and take a moment to breath in that rich, chocolate aroma. Next, brew your cacao tea by popping it in a pot or tea strainer and, depending on the desired intensity, allow 5 minutes or more for the tea to infuse. Drink it first thing in the morning, when you return from work or just before bed for a replenishing experience. The tea is great served cold too!

Obsessed with the new superfood in your life? You don’t have to stop at tea. There are so many uses for these hearty husks. Our favourite is to crush them up and roast them for a delicious candied husk, great as a snack or crumbled over ice cream. The cacao husks can also be used in smoothies, muffins, cocktails or ground into a circulation-boosting body scrub.

How will my tea be packaged?
In a half craft, half clear bag so you can peek inside.

What does the tea look like?
Little nut shells with some cacao nibs remaining in the natural product.

How long will a packet of kkäo tea last?

  • 120 g – 20 servings

What are the flavor notes for the different origins?
The Dominican tea tastes of smooth cocoa with subtle nutty and citrus notes.

kkäo Tea Contains

Cacao husks. Simple.

The cacao husk is the shell that encases the cacao nibs or bean. The single origin Dominican cacao pods are harvested from trees, after which they undergo 5-6 days of fermentation in wooden boxes, followed by a week of sun drying. The beans are then slowly roasted and winnowed to extract the bean from the husk which is usually wasted. But not this time, a good cook never lets a great ingredient go to waste, so the cacao husks are carefully saved and packaged in their natural form.

The Kkäo tea’s Ethical Certifications

kkäo tea husks are only sourced from plantations with the highest standards in fair labour practice and chemical and GMO free farming. The Dominican husks are USDA certified organic and Direct Trade Certified

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