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Meditation Cushion “Roundie”

Sold By: Mandala Living

Mandala Roundie cushions are designed for people who want to make their homes into sanctuaries, protect their bodies, and enjoy the relaxing benefits for their minds too. They are also:

  • Stuffed with comfy, farm-recycled buckwheat husks
  • Locally sourced and handsewn in Australia
  • Scented with a relaxing lavender blend
  • Perfect travel pillow, meditation cushion or breastfeeding cushion.
  • Neutral covers in hemp, cotton and faux cow suitable for men, women and children
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Handsewn by Mums Using Eco-Friendly Materials

Not only is the meditation cushion designed with contemporary, neutral finishes to help you create a sanctuary in your home, they are in harmony with the environment, too. The use of buckwheat husks in the stuffing instead of conventional foam, polystyrene or feather fillings makes the filling:

  • Vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free (in contrast to the use of feathers)
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • A unique way to recycle buckwheat husks

The meditation cushion rounds are lined with locally-sourced cotton, hemp or faux cow from designer fabric offcuts. For the finest quality, with minimal waste.

Meditation Cushion, Travel Pillow, Breastfeeding Support and Everything in Between…

The convenient little meditation cushion, which we lovingly call a ‘Roundie’ will become your new best friend. Sitting on this soft cushion while meditating will help align your spine for good posture, reducing any back pain. With the buckwheat filling, the cushion will mould to your body, allowing you to melt into it for the most comfortable experience possible. You can even remove some buckwheat if needed, to easily adapt the cushion to your unique needs.

The buckwheat cushion also makes the perfect companion for long journeys, functioning as a great neck support for a travel pillow or for driving. It also makes a wonderful headrest for babies during breastfeeding, baby yoga accessory and much more.

So, how is this meditation cushion different from a yoga bolster?
Yoga bolsters are larger and tube shaped. They can be great for sitting on too but they are also designed to support different yoga postures. The Roundie is more of an everyday kind of cushion.

Removable Cover and Drawstring Carry Case

With its convenient carry handle, and washable cover suitable for outdoor and indoor use, your beautiful cushion companion can be taken with you wherever you go!

When you receive it, you will find the Mandala cushion also comes with a calico drawstring bag, sourced from South Australia and locally screen-printed: it makes a great accessory to protect and transport your pillow.

Cushion Made Using Local and Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Buckwheat husks
  • Relaxing scent – husks are combined with Tasmanian dried lavender as well as a calming combination of essential oils including bergamot, citrus, rosewood and ylang ylang to encourage a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
  • Also available scent free.
  • Available in locally sourced hemp, brushed cotton and synthetic cow skin. In colours: Mist, Charcoal, Sand, Natural, Cuddly Cow, Coal, Feathered, Navy Feather
  • Australian calico drawstring case to protect pillow

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