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Soy Candle – Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance

Sold By: Luxe Scented Candles

This luxurious Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla soy candle has been crafted to compliment your home perfectly. It is also:

  • Made from natural soy wax for a chemical free alternative to conventional candles
  • Vegan friendly
  • Locally made and sourced in Australia
  • Irresistibly relaxing Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla scent
  • Long burning (between 60 – 120 hours)
  • Premium glass vessels and eco-friendly packaging
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Natural, Relaxing Vanilla Scent

The long-lasting scents of these Australian soy candles will emit gently from the candle even when it’s not being burnt. They come in a sophisticated range of aromas that stand apart from the scented candles out there already. Perfect for relaxing evenings, inviting guest rooms, and delightful ensuites, these candles will make your home the envy of all your friends.

Available fragrance:
Gourmet Tahitian Vanilla – the premium candle is based on a creamy vanilla flavour and topped with exotic notes of coconut and malt. The tropical aroma will allow you to leave the office behind, and transport you straight to the beach.

A Natural Alternative to Paraffin Candles

We burn candles in our homes to create an escape from the outside world. But when we use typical paraffin candles, chemicals similar to car fumes get released into our homes.

Soy candles are not only non-toxic but they tend to burn much more evenly and at a lower melting point, releasing less black smoke than a non-soy candle would. The low melting point means that more liquid wax surrounds the wick to release the beautiful fragrance into the air.

Traditional candles that stand up on their own without a glass structure around them (pillar candles) tend to melt quickly and often overspill. Not only is this pretty hazardous but the wax that is used is unbelievably hard to remove. In contrast, any spilt soy candle wax can be easily melted and lifted with a damp cloth. Better still, the Luxe Scented candles are poured into glass vessels rather than free standing, so they don’t use any chemical hardeners either.

Soy Candles Handmade in Australia

The caring touch of the candle expert & owner of Luxe Scented Candles, Jan, hand makes these unique candles with the highest attention to detail. “If there is a slight imperfection or the candle is not of the highest quality, it will not be a saleable product,” says Jan. “I want to produce and provide not only a beautiful piece of decor for the modern home but also a perfectly produced candle”.

How Luxe Scented Candles Guarantee Perfect Candles Every Time

An individual wick is chosen above multiple wicks for its beautifully plumed flame. Careful measuring then takes place to precisely centre the wick in the candle for the most even burn. The temperature of the wax is artfully controlled as it is poured and balanced with the gentle hand warming of the glass to ensure wax settles seamlessly and does not pull away from the edges. Any air bubbles that float to the surface are pricked and the candles remain bubble free. Candles are left to cure for between 48 hours to a week, to guarantee quality.

Luxe Scented Candles endlessly experiment with new fragrances by scrupulously testing tealight candles until the most amazing combinations have been discovered. Additionally, and always mindful that candles have an expiry date of five years, fragrances are constantly refreshed in line with the most popular candles – only the most-loved scents get made again.

Artistic Design and Bespoke Packaging

The candle maker, Jan is inspired by the most stylish interior design and wants her scented candles to compliment beautiful homes. The decorative candles come carefully wrapped in black paper, in an art deco style glass vessel and boxed carefully in conscious, recycled packaging, making these candles the perfect gifts.

How to Use

How long should I allow the scented candle to burn?
Allow between 3 and 4 hours for the wax to melt to the sides of the candle during its first burn so it can acquire its ‘burn memory’. If the candle burns for only 30 minutes it will start to burn down the middle creating a tunnel burn and not providing a smooth overall finish., We do not recommend burning your candle for more than 6 hours at any one time, If you decide to re-burn the candle, we recommend waiting for it to cool down to its original temperature before re-burning.

What can I do to take care of my scented candle?
Trim the wick to about half the width of a fingernail after use to ensure the candle burns perfectly every time. This also ensures that the wick will not ‘flower’ and resinate black soot into the wax.

What is the best way to put my scented candle out?
Blow your candle out or cover with a candle snuffer.

How do I use my scented candle safely?
Never leave candles burning unattended and ensure they are placed on a safe surface away from curtains and children.

What do I do when the scented candle has burnt down?
When you are left with 10mm of wax, wait until the wax has cooled down to its initial state and then wash it out using warm soapy water. You can reuse the jars for flowers, pencils, whatever you like!

Can soy wax be bad?
Yes, there are some cheap, plastic-like soy waxes that will not carry a fragrance well. However, we research and source only the highest quality soy that is free from toxics and chemicals.

Soy Wax Scented Candles Contain:

  • The world’s finest USA soy wax made from 100% soya beans selected for their botanical oils and eco-certification.
  • Cotton wick instead of toxic darker wicks used in candles. Metal base unfortunately unavoidable however non-toxic.
  • Fragrance 100% natural, locally sourced and phthalate and paraben free.
  • Reusable glass container
  • Recycled cardboard on top
  • Vegan and animal cruelty free ingredients

Soy Candles Do Not Contain:

  • No paraffin, petroleum, palm wax or beeswax
  • No pesticides or herbicides
  • GMO Free
  • No phthalates or nitro musk

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