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Soy Candle – Pure Musk Fragrance

Sold By: Luxe Scented Candles

These Pure Musk scented Soy Candles are hand produced to the highest quality, not only by using the finest eco-friendly soy wax, but also their overall production and luxurious detailing. With their vast variety of aromas, Luxe Scented Candles pride themselves on producing a vegan friendly candle which also pairs for beautiful luxury home decor.

What makes Luxe Scented Candles unique compared to others in the market, is that these luxury scented soy candles have been purely produced hand made using only the finest vegan friendly soy wax on the market, free from toxins and paraffin’s.

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For the lovers of eco-friendly Natural Soy Candles

All of our natural soy candles are made from the finest soy wax on the market – free from any toxins and paraffins. Not only does this differentiate our natural soy candles from others on the market, but it also helps provide a longer burn time, as well as produce a longer lasting aroma on both a hot and cold burn.

The Candle That Provides Aromatic Fragrance And Doubles As A Piece Of Luxury Decor

We pride ourselves on perfecting our scented soy candles and producing long last aromas that are different from others on the market. Our scented soy candles are each hand made by the owner herself, and have a strong yet not overpowering aroma, which is noticed by each customer when burning or even when still. One major benefit from having this factor is not only will your candle last longer, but it also provides a beautiful scent through out the home.

How To Use Luxe Scented Candles

We personally love using our candles for any occasion, and so do our current clients. Whether its for a relaxing pampering session, having guests for the weekend or just to create a beautiful aroma in your home.

If burned properly, your luxe scented candle can last well over 100 hours. In order to get the most from your candle, we recommend the first burn lasting until the entire top surface of the candle melting to the edge, this way, the soy wax can contain its ‘burn memory’. Burn memory is highly important so your candle doesn’t tunnel down the center. If you’re wanting to preserve the fragrance for a long time, we recommend that you do not burn your candle for more than 4-6 hours at a time.

Luxe Scented Candles Ingredients

Our scented soy candles are made from the highest grade, vegan-friendly soy wax that are free from any toxins, chemicals or paraffins. The fragrances that are used to create the beautiful aromas are 100% natural and locally sourced which are also phthalate & paraben free. In keeping with our vegan-friendly mission with our candles, we use cotton wicks instead of the toxic darker wicks that are on the market.

Luxe Scented Candle’s Ethical Certifications

All Items are sourced locally within Australia from Eroma who are located in both Sydney & Melbourne. Our Reusable glass vessels are sourced from Luxury Candle Supplies that are located in Melbourne. Our natural soy wax that is used to create each candle is made from 100% pure soy beans.

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