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Toilet Paper – Eco Friendly Bamboo & Sugar Cane

Sold By: Pure Planet

The eco friendly toilet paper that will help save trees with every wipe! Made from super soft, bamboo and sugarcane. It is:

  • Completely tree-free & plastic-free
  • BPA free, unlike toilet roll made from recycled paper
  • Good for sensitive bums – no chemicals
  • Vegan Friendly inks
  • Made from 100% renewable bamboo and sugarcane

Plus you and your family get to enjoy the fun, colourable, fully recycled packaging too!
11cm x 10cm | 190 sheet roll | 36 rolls.  This will last a family of 4 approximately one month.

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$48.54 For 36 Rolls


No Trees Were Harmed In The Making Of This Toilet Roll

27, 000 trees are chopped down to be flushed down the drain as toilet paper every day. The problem with this is that trees are what the earth uses to breathe, they cleanse the air. Using them to wipe our behinds is not helping the planet.
Some people choose recycled rolls as an eco friendly toilet paper solution. It’s good to redirect paper from the rubbish. But the thing is, all kinds of paper gets mushed and recycled into toilet roll, including newspapers and receipts. A lot of this paper contains chemical inks and plastics. That means BPA and other chemicals could be coming into contact with your sensitive nether regions and even causing infections. Not nice.

Pandas Love Bamboo And So Should You

Pure Planet uses bamboo instead of trees in their toilet roll because it holds the record for the world’s fastest growing plant, as anyone who has ever tried planting it in their garden will know. Bamboo can grow to its full height in just 4 months! But trees take up to 25 years to grow. When you cut down bamboo, it keeps coming back. Sugarcane is also a prolific crop and, not believing in trash, Pure Planet uses byproducts from both plants to prevent good stuff from getting wasted.

Bamboo and sugarcane also make a bum-loving combo. The perfect mixture of strength, suppleness and a silky soft touch makes this a quality toilet roll like no other. Scratchy recycled paper is a thing of the past!

Toilet Paper Stack, Pure Planet
Toilet Paper On Hand, Pure Planet

Tell Me More About This Tree Free Toilet Roll

How long does it last?
A box of 36 rolls will last an average family of four for a month.

How is it packaged?
The hand-wrapped toilet paper comes in a fully recycled box with a fun colour-me-in option. You can also make use of the recycled cardboard rolls for some fun arts and crafts activities. The box is even stuck together with dissolvable glue; you can’t cut corners when you want to get rid of plastic!

What Is Used In The Making Of This Eco Friendly Toilet Paper?

  • Renewable bamboo and sugarcane waste materials
  • Hydrogen peroxide – a naturally occurring substance used to whiten and purify the roll
  • Vegan friendly inks – the inks used on the wrapping to decorate these beautiful rolls are made from safe, animal-free inks that are water based to protect the marine life they portray
Toilet Paper 3 Ply, Pure Planet

Pure Planet’s Ethical Certifications

We do not have any official accreditations, but our toilet paper is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and 100% free from any harmful toxins, chemical dyes, inks and scents. Yippee!!

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