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There used to be a lot of stigma around vegan food. It was thought to be lacking in flavour or the main element of a meal a.k.a meat. But stigmatised no longer, vegan cooking has garnered mainstream appeal. With more of a focus on healthy eating, a vegan diet low in saturated fats and rich in whole grains, nuts and vegetables is the best choice on the menu. It’s no surprise then that more and more Australians are choosing vegetarian diets.

A richer variety of vegan options are now available thanks to whole foods stores making it a lot more convenient. But that isn’t the only thing giving us a taste for vegan living, it’s better recipes too. Where do we go to for recipes nowadays? Social media.

Bosh is the go-to Facebook page for your meatless, dairy-less, flavour-full cooking needs. With their handy videos popping up on your feed, you will never be without meal inspiration. Bosh started after one of the guys behind it decided to quit drinking for three months: which was easy. Then he upped the ante by going vegetarian: which was hard. He struggled with the stigma around veganism and lacked the inspiration to replace his staple meals, which are two reasons why Bosh is such a great resource now. It shows, too, with over 500, 000 followers and 1 million likes, it’s clear that vegan recipes have been served.

With cheap, healthy, hassle-free ingredients and meals that make vegan cooking seem fun and simple, we know you’ll love what they do. Here’s a selection of our favourites:

Tommy Bean Pasta

Great because it’s that effortless but delicious pasta we love, with the ingenious use of protein-packed beans to make the sauce creamy.

Super Fly Chilli Fries

The fried spiralized potatoes are a masterstroke and having a good vegan recipe for chilli is something you’ll benefit from over and over again.

Sweet Potato Brownies

Packed with hidden veg and nut milks, a lot of the time vegan baking is even more moist and scrumptious than traditional recipes. With yummy sweet potatoes and plenty of coconut oil, these moorish brownies are sure to be a family favourite.

Vegan cooking, we were fans before you went mainstream and we love you even more now.

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